The number one requirement for living a fit life is energy. Period. and the single biggest factor contributing to your energy levels is quality regeneration, recuperation, reinvigoration. In other words quality of sleep. Typical articles written with a focus on fitness and health are oriented towards weight management, body composition, dietary issues, work out regimes etc. But without the necessary energy to incorporate your fitness and health goals into your life, you are much less likely to achieve your goals. A complete fitness and health plan must include adequate sleep for a healthier well being. And not just sleep but powerful sleep.
There are obvious benefits of good nights sleep. Presence of mind and attentiveness during the day leads to productivity at work and better quality of experience as you are fully engaged in your day.
Another benefit of sleep is the well-documented correlation to your ability to learn, absorb information and better remember more of whatever it is you are trying to learn. There are several means to improve your sleep so you can actually live your health and fitness plan.
Develop a Sleep Routine
If you find yourself tossing and turning in bed before falling asleep, it is time to train your body to be sleepy whenever it is time to sleep. You need to establish a sleep routine that really forms part of your total health and fitness program. Start by going to bed at the same time each night. You will get used to it and find sleep easier to come by. Effectively, you are starting a new habit, a healthy sleeping habit. Furthermore, you will need to learn how to associate the bedroom with rest and sleep so that once you are in it, your mind automatically switches to sleep mode.
A television in the bedroom is one of the leading culprits to poor sleep quality. If you are not getting the rest you know you need, you will have to restrict the use of your bedroom to pure sleeping.  Do not attend to any paperwork or play any games in the bedroom as doing so will stimulate mental activity that will prevent you from feeling sleepy. Of course, sexual activity is included in your activity roster in the bedroom and, in fact, a positive sexual experience will increase your ability to fall asleep more quickly. The point here is that if you are not getting quality sleep, consider the variables that may be contributing to the problem.
Observe Your Diet
To assure a good night’s sleep, you have to carefully observe what you eat and when you eat. Fitness and medical experts advise that you do not eat at least one hour before your bedtime. You should know that it is difficult to fall asleep with a full stomach. Besides, the digestive process goes more smoothly when you’re in an upright position than when you’re lying on your back.  You may also consider cutting down on your caffeine intake and definitely no coffee before going to bed.  You do not need any stimulation if you want to sleep properly.
Schedule Your Exercise
While a good exercise routine is an essential component of any fitness and health plan, you should pay particular attention to your schedule. A good physical workout promotes good feelings with the rush of adrenaline and endorphins in your system. However, this burst of energy that keeps you active and on the go will also keep yours from falling asleep readily. Thus, it is best to do your exercises several hours before bedtime. This will give you time to enjoy that “high” feeling so that when you finally come down, you will feel really tired and ready to sleep. You need proper sleep to enable you to carry on with your fitness and health plan, but the same plan greatly affects your ability to sleep.  Therefore, the best thing to do to keep yourself on the road to fitness and health is to develop a good and balanced regime of proper diet, constant exercise, and regular sleep.